The Lutheran Experience

A tradition that has been honored for 500 years.

 Cal Lutheran embodies a vital and long-standing educational tradition that spans more than 500 years. As part of this Lutheran tradition, we believe that understanding our purpose helps us make our most authentic contributions as individuals and as a collective.

We unequivocally encourage students to pursue their passions and uncover their purpose. Through several key principles, a deeper form of development takes place within the diverse, open-minded, and challenging academic environment that is Cal Lutheran.

Include everyone.

Group of students outside No one here is an outsider.

This is one of the most deeply held values in the Lutheran tradition. And its importance is evident on campus — our students come from more than 59 countries and embody a wide variety of faiths.

At Cal Lutheran, your personal convictions and beliefs are honored, respected, and welcomed.

We also provide you with opportunities to consider and discuss matters of faith and intellect in an open and friendly environment. This challenges and strengthens you with new intellectual and theological reflections.

Challenge all knowledge.

We empower you to take learning to the next level.

Student and professor in discussion

As a student, we encourage you to ask difficult questions. You are not handed easy answers. We want you to make your own decisions, to tackle the fundamental issues with courage, and to choose for yourself whether the information you encounter meets the tests of truth and knowledge.

Through your inquiries, you can discover profound connections and meaning. We offer you structure with options, freedom with responsibility, and integrity with compassion. This kind of challenging academic environment enables you to grow as an independent, thoughtful, and compassionate individual.

Bring your authentic self.

The Cal Lutheran experience helps you make real choices for your life.

It's about gaining confidence in your identity — discovering purpose in your life and calling.

The perspective you gain at Cal Lutheran prepares you to lead a life filled with meaning, extending far beyond the work that you choose to do.