Theology and Christian Leadership

Bachelor of Arts

Students in Theology and Christian Leadership examine connections between belief and practice in everyday life. They help organizations put values into action and study the role of faith in society.

Combining classes in religion with electives in psychology, sociology, music, multimedia, and more, the program in Theology and Christian Leadership equips students to design a major or minor appropriate for their interests and career goals.

The Curriculum

The program in Theology and Christian Leadership equips students to design a major or minor appropriate for their interests and career goals.

Students begin by selecting their area of specialization:

  • Children, Youth, and Family Ministry
  • Not for Profit & Social Sector
  • Spirituality and the Arts

Two key features define every major and minor experience: 1) an internship with an organization that will allow the student to develop themselves as leaders and 2) a seminar of 4-8 students to integrate experiences in the classroom and on internship into their self-understanding as leaders.

Emphasis Areas


Offered as a major (BA) and a minor.

Recommended Minors

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The Experience

I remember one time I heard: choose something you love because then you wouldn’t have to work a day in your life. It was at this time that I felt I should be studying something I loved and enjoyed learning during my pastime. If there is someone who wants to learn more about theology (the study of God) or is really seeking to deepen their faith, I definitely recommend studying Theology and Christian Leadership. All of the classes I’ve taken so far have given me a better perspective of where I stand in my faith and have helped me understand the Biblical context.

Christina Romero '23
Theology and Christian Leadership Major

Even if someone is not choosing a life of ministry as clergy, having the opportunity to study and learn about the different religions and the theologies behind them also helps us become better equipped to engage in meaningful conversations respectfully with those of various beliefs. It’s also useful knowledge to have for those entering fields that have direct contact with individuals and address their mental, physical, emotional or social needs.

Mary Ann Harrison '24
Theology and Christian Leadership Major, Children, Youth, and Family Emphasis

Your Future

Since most of our graduates have combined multiple academic fields into their major or minor, they are prepared for a wide variety of careers focused on interpersonal engagement.

Alumni may continue graduate studies related to sexuality, arts, theology or management.

Our alumni work as teachers, counselors, camp directors, non-profit leaders, and pastors.

of Cal Lutheran graduates find a job or enroll in graduate school within nine months

More Career Outcomes

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