Harassment, Discrimination and Bias Reporting

California Lutheran University is committed to fostering a welcoming and safe environment for all members of the university community and encourages all members of the university community who have witnessed or experienced harassment, discrimination, and/or bias to report it.

If you have personally experienced or witnessed an incident of bias, harassment or discrimination, you are welcome to submit a report to the Incident Response Team. Upon receiving the report, the Incident Response Team will: 

  • Review the incident report
  • If warranted, forward the report to the appropriate department(s) for investigation and/or resolution
  • Provide appropriate referrals to care resources for those involved
  • Provide statistical data to the community in an annual report regarding instances of harassment, bias, and discrimination at California Lutheran University

The Incident Response Team does not:

  • Serve as investigators of incident reports
  • Determine outcomes of investigations

Please see our page of FAQs for additional information.

If you believe this is an issue of imminent or present danger that may cause harm to self or others - or requires immediate attention, please call 911 or Campus Safety at 805-493-3911.

Report an Incident

When completing an incident report you will have the opportunity to upload pictures or documents of evidence. You can submit the incident report anonymously, however this will inhibit the University's ability to follow up and conduct investigations.

If you have any questions regarding submitting an incident report, please contact incident@CalLutheran.edu



The university is committed to evaluating your report thoroughly and  promptly. Below are the prescribed steps that we apply to process your report:

  1. Once submitted, your report will be electronically routed to the Incident Response Team for initial review and processing.
  2. A Team member will contact you to explain the process, gather additional and provide resources and support. We may contact you later for additional information.
  3. If the report constitutes harassment, discrimination, and/or bias, the Incident Response Team will forward the report to an investigator.

Preservation of Evidence

It is important to preserve evidence related to the reported concern. If you experience or witness an incident of harassment, discrimination, or bias, document it the best you can:

  • Retain any evidence of written slur(s) or photograph graffiti, do not erase it. Also, photograph any physical evidence such as bodily injury, damaged property, or a license plate.
  • Write down what was said or what you heard and get the contact information of any witnesses.
  • Act immediately to preserve evidence, as speed and accuracy of response are critical.


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