Data Science


In today’s data-driven world, data science and AI are revolutionizing industries.

As a new minor starting Fall 2024, this program is designed to help you thrive in our dynamic, data-centric world through a mix of theory and hands-on training that serves as a springboard for both professional and academic ambitions. Pursuing a minor in data science can give you a competitive edge that compliments your major.

Required courses include an introduction to data science and visualization, statistics, machine learning, and technology and ethics. In addition, you’ll take 8 credits selected from the core and elective Data Science courses.

Depending on your interests, you can take two paths through this minor:

  • Technical Data Science: includes a selection of advanced data science courses that cover data wrangling and machine learning applications.
  • Impacts of Data Science: includes courses in philosophy and political science that cover the moral issues of technology and roles that data collection and analysis tools play on our daily lives and our social/political/economic institutions.

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