Welcome to the ALLIES in STEM Center!

We offer learning opportunities to support all students in STEM majors and classes, including supplemental instruction, mentoring, advising, and workshops.

Students who go through our STEM Academy are designated as STEM Scholars, and have access to even more services including paid academic leadership positions, faculty-mentored research positions, community identity building, and student service programs designed to improve academic success, retain students, and move them rapidly towards program completion.

We invite all students to the ALLIES in STEM Center on campus, where our services are designed to meet the unique needs of STEM students!

STEM Academy

A free, three-week summer bridge program that will give you a jump start on your college courses.

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Supplemental Instruction

We offer Supplemental Instruction (SI) for various STEM courses.

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One-on-One Help

We help STEM majors with scholarships, research opportunities, and graduate school.

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