California Reading & Literature Project

Teachers as...

Who We Are

The California Reading & Literature Project (CRLP) provides transformative professional learning in Reading/Literacy. Our professional learning centers educators as learners and leaders to ensure that every California student receives high-quality, rigorous, comprehensive literacy instruction that is responsive to their identities, assets, and needs. CRLP intends that all California students complete high school as broadly literate individuals prepared for success in higher education, the work force, and civic life in the 21st century.

CRLP’s effectiveness stems from its core values and the evolution of elements that serve them: 

  • Literacy: Literacy is a civil right. 
  • Equity: All students deserve high quality responsive, culturally affirming literacy instruction.
  • Leadership: Teacher leadership fosters agency for courageous and informed decision-making.
  • Community: Inclusive and collaborative educational communities advance collective expertise.
  • Inquiry: Curiosity and questioning create a cycle of learning, knowing, and understanding.

What We Do

CRLP actively develops teacher leadership to collaborate in teams with university faculty and researchers to develop CRLP’s professional learning content. All CRLP programs are aligned with California’s ELA/ELD Framework. CRLP establishes partnerships with schools and districts to provide TK–12 teachers with comprehensive, high-quality professional learning for teaching reading, subject literacy and academic language.


CRLP advocates for better access to literacy instruction in TK–12 education in the following ways: 

  • Creating professional learning designed to deepen teachers’ content knowledge and strengthen their classroom practice as they develop their capacity as leaders.
  • Maintaining a statewide professional network to bolster teachers’ subject knowledge and instructional skills in reading, literature and academic language. 
  • Building professional learning communities that contribute to teacher retention and effectiveness, especially in underserved schools and districts.

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