Themes & Initiatives

The Strategic Plan addresses three central themes that will chart our path forward. Read more about the themes below and the initiatives currently underway in each area.Students working in class

Theme 1:

Student Experience

California Lutheran University educates and holistically develops students so that they are successful here and lead lives of purpose once they graduate. Towards these ends, the 2022-27 Strategic Plan keeps students front and center by committing to a number of programs and services that will enhance the student experience.

In the first couple years of the plan, Theme One, the Student Experience, will guide our work in the following areas: incorporating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) into academic and co-curricular programs; bolstering our technology infrastructure, adding or renovating outdoor, student-centered places and spaces; and ensuring our career development programs help students pave their professional and vocational paths. As we complete these initiatives, we will add new ones in their place. For now, however, you can read more about the first eight initiatives through the link below.

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Theme 2:

Fulfilling Work Environment

California Lutheran University is a mission-driven institution. As such, we aim to attract and retain faculty and staff who are interested in supporting the University mission and embodying values that help to bring that mission to life. To attract and retain such employees, Theme Two of the Strategic Plan has prioritized — for the next year or two years — the following goals: build and cultivate a culture of trust and accountability; offer professional development programs that hone the talents and gifts of our faculty and staff; use appropriate data and technologies to make decisions and improve efficiencies; and build systems and structures that foster greater collaboration within and between departments. The first eight initiatives are delineated below. Once these are complete, another set of initiatives will be introduced.

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Theme 3:

Distinctive Impact

California Lutheran University is one of only two four-year, private universities in Ventura County and the only Lutheran University in the state of California. Given our unique position, we aim to partner with corporate and non-profit business, community agencies, and other organizations with whom we have a mission match. Accordingly, Theme Three of the Strategic Plan focuses our energies around becoming the partner of choice for community leaders, regional employers, and philanthropic foundations. It also guides our work in becoming a destination of choice for students within and beyond California. Read more about the first eight initiatives that constitute our Distinctive Impact Theme through the link below. As we complete these initiatives, others will be put in place to further the impact Cal Lutheran makes on our region and beyond. 

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