DOD Tuition Assistance

Each military branch has its own Tuition Assistance (TA) form and procedures. Please contact your local education center before accesseing the links below. Follow each military branch's procedure for insuring your authorization voucher reaches the school location you are attending. 

TA Tips 

Please review the links above as all instructions for the TA process are avaliable for your respective branch. Ensure to apply early and check the TA submission deadlines for your branch of service. 

Important information to have when requesting TA:

  • Course Number (MBA 564)
  • Course Title (Applied International Managment)
  • Level/Type (Undergraduate/Graduate) 
  • Location (main campus, extension campus, online)
  • Hour type/Number of Hours (semester)
  • Cost per unit hour
  • Fees

When your military branch College or Virtual Education Center authorizes your TA, you will receive an e-mail providing a link to print your authorization voucher. Subit your Approved Tuition Assitance Authorization Voucher here. 

For detailed information on Tuition Assistance, Tuition Assistance Top-Up, and VA Benefits please read the following document by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.