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Take time to pause and reflect on musings from fellow companions on the journey of becoming.



Hannah Schell:


Featured Texts
  • Let Your Life Speak by Parker J. Palmer
    A compassionate and compelling meditation on discovering your path in life.


  • The Treasure Hunt of Your Life: Seeking Your Calling, Encountering God, Finding Yourself by Rebecca Schlatter
    What if your search for a personal meaning became an inspiring adventure filled with passion, significance, and abundant life?


  • The Fabric of this World by Lee Hardy
    An in-depth historical, philosophical, theological--and practical--exploration of work from an evangelical perspective.


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"In the perfect ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) college of my imagination, I would make a promise to prospective students and parents that went something like this:
We promise not to prepare you for a single career.
We promise not to answer life's big questions for you.
We promise not to allow you to ever focus on a job over holistic living.
We promise not to relieve you of pain over the world's injustice.
We promise not to exempt you from a life of deep searching, meaning-making, and commitment to a horizon beyond your own."     
       - Adam Copeland