Content Area Language and Literacy (CALL)

Content Area Language and Literacy (CALL) offers middle and high school content teachers practical, research-based instructional routines that help students access and engage with a variety of complex text across content areas.

The CALL training for secondary educators provides content area teachers with the tools and skills necessary to develop academic language and literacy for each of their students.

Teachers will become better prepared to help their students deepen their content knowledge while developing academic language and literacy and reach advanced levels of proficiency in language and literacy in preparation for college and beyond.

CALL supports teachers in designing effective instruction that aligns with Common Core State Standards, the California ELA/ELD Framework and the California ELD Standards and the literacy demands of the 21st century.

Unique Features

  • Contains teacher tools to support text analysis and lesson planning
  • Utilizes the components of backward design for content and language objectives
  • Provides models for explicit instruction in academic language and comprehension strategies
  • Includes strategies for differentiation across levels of English proficiency for English Learners
  • Focuses on sustained teacher collaboration and implementation through a professional learning community model geared toward secondary teachers
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