Spanish English Biliteracy Transfer (SEBT)

An approach for teaching English reading foundational skills through coherent biliteracy transfer instruction (K-5)

Join fellow teachers in a two-day institute to learn how to effectively promote Spanish to English biliteracy transfer!

SEBT provides guidance for teachers as they help their students reach grade-level biliteracy in both Spanish and English. This institute offers an instructional approach based on what students have learned in Spanish and the level of transferability of skills/concepts between Spanish and English. SEBT includes assessments specifically designed to support the transferability of reading foundational skills.

The SEBT Institute addresses the Common Core State Standards, Common Core en Español, the CA ELD Standards and the CA ELA/ELD Framework.

Spring 2022 Training Schedule: TBD

This two-day institute is typically held from 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m at California Lutheran University, when in person. Attendance required on both days of training.

At this time we are not hosting SEBT trainings this semester.

Please visit our Upcoming Events calendar to see when our next SEBT training will take place or sign-up for our mailing list to be notified when new events are scheduled.

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Institute Outcomes

  • A framework for students to reach grade-level literacy in both Spanish and English as effectively as possible through coherent biliteracy transfer instruction
  • Models of how to teach English literacy by harnessing students’ Spanish knowledge base
  • A scope and sequence for the introduction of English literacy skills in a Spanish language arts context that prepares students for the English versions of CA-adopted programs
  • Literacy assessments in both languages to plan reading interventions


All CRLP Signature Professional Learning Programs meet criteria for professional learning in LCFF and ESEA's "High-Quality Professional Development" for Title I, III, V and VII, Part A; and for Title II, Part A and B.