Results for Reading Comprehension

CRLP Results for Reading Comprehension provides teachers with routines for linking holistic reading comprehension instruction to grade-level text and diverse literature through the lens of an assets-based pedagogy. Results for Reading Comprehension supports teachers in designing effective instruction to help their students make meaning from complex grade-level text, whether read aloud to them or read by them with instructional support, and to use evidence from the text to demonstrate their comprehension. Lesson planning includes a 10-Step Core Routine for guiding teachers in creatively thinking about and choosing appropriate strategies and scaffolds for comprehension of challenging texts, following a general instructional sequence for before, during, and after reading.

Institute Outcomes

  • Become familiar with a 10-Step Core Routine of instructional strategies to help all students better comprehend complex texts, with an emphasis on those students historically underserved by California schools: students of color, multilingual learners (MLs), and developing readers

  • Improve motivation and engagement for students to successfully and independently comprehend complex text in all content areas

  • Learn strategies for differentiation to facilitate comprehension of core content texts for multilingual learners across levels of English language proficiency

  • Reflect on educators' personal experiences as lifetime learners of language and literacy in order to ground comprehension instruction in a learner-centered, asset-oriented, and inclusive-minded stance

Summer 2023 RRC Institute Schedule: 

This institute is a three-day training, taking place from 8:30 am- 3:00 pm at California Lutheran University. Attendance is required on all three days. Please see our flyer for more details about this training institute.

Dates: 7/31, 8/1 & 8/2

Summer 2023 RRC Institute Flyer

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 Space is limited! Reserve your spot by registering early! Email to register!                            


$750 per participant (includes handbook and materials)

Highly recommended: Each school should register a team of at least 2 teachers, preferably at the same grade level.


California Lutheran University
Oxnard Center
2201 Outlet Center Drive
Oxnard, CA  93036