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Payroll Policies and Procedures

6.1 Payroll Web Time Entry 

Supervisors must approve their employee’s hours by the deadline each pay period using Self-Service on MyCLU. Time Entry forms not completed accurately should be rejected by the Supervisor so that the student may correct their hours and resubmit. A student will not be able to complete a Time Entry form or receive a paycheck if they have not been authorized to work by the Student Employment Office. 

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to keep track of the hours that each student employee works. Students MAY NOT work during the times in which they have scheduled classes. 

Paychecks will be deposited directly into students’ bank accounts based upon the information given on the Direct Deposit form. Student Payroll will not print paper checks, all students must have a bank account or choose the Money Network Service option on the form. 

6.2 Pay Periods 

Each pay period covers hours worked for two weeks beginning with a Saturday and covering the subsequent 14 days. The student payroll schedule can be found on the Hiring Formspage of the Student Employment website. 

6.3 Breaks and Meal Breaks 

If a student works at least 4 hours in a day, they are entitled to a rest break (of at least 10 minutes) or a fraction thereof, per CA policy. This break does not need to be indicated on their timesheet. If a student employee works 5 hours in one day, they are required by the Department of Labor to have a 30-minute, unpaid "meal break". Since the meal break is not paid time, it must be indicated on the timesheet so that it will be deducted from the hours worked. The meal break should be taken at or before the 5th hour, if possible. 

6.4 Jury Duty 

CLU only pays for time a student works and does not pay any student employee for non-work time such as Jury Duty. 

6.5 Sick Leave 

Student employees hired on or after July 1, 2015, who work at least 30 days within a year, are eligible to take paid sick leave. 

Employees requesting sick leave should provide reasonable notice of their absence to their supervisor. Paid sick leave may be used for the illness of an employee or an eligible family member; preventive care, diagnosis, care, or treatment of an existing health condition for an employee or an employee’s family member; or for specified purposes if an employee is a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking. Family members include the employee's or spouse’s parent (s), child, spouse, registered domestic partner, grandparent, grandchild, and sibling. 

Student employees accrue at a rate of .033/per hour worked beginning their date of hire, or 1 hour for every 30 hours worked. Paid sick leave balances may be carried over to the following calendar year and accumulate up to a maximum of 48 hours. Student employees who cease 

their employment, and are rehired within one year from the last date of employment will have previously accrued and unused sick pay leave balances reinstated, up to the maximum allowable, this request must be sent to the Student Payroll Office. Unused sick leave is not payable upon termination of employment (students may not “cash out” their sick time). 

Per the university’s general HR Policy, a doctor’s note is not required to certify a student employee’s absence and ability to return to work unless their absence and use of sick leave exceeds five consecutive days. Even then, we generally recommend communicating or setting an expectation for your student employee to communicate proactively for the use of sick leave. 

6.6 Regulations and Policies for Student Employment 

  • Federal and State laws and California Lutheran University policies prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, or marital status. In order to provide equal opportunity, all jobs must be posted on the Student Employment website. 
  • It is good practice to communicate or check in with your student employee to determine if specific accommodations are needed for their work. 
  • Student employees must be under the direct supervision of a CLU employee. 
  • Student employees may not work in replacement of a regular CLU Staff or Faculty member, nor may they be assigned the duties or responsibilities of a regular employee. 
  • A student may work at an off-campus location as a Federal Work-Study employee for a non-profit organization that has a contract with CLU through the Student Employment Office. 
  • A student may not work as a student employee and a regular employee at the same time. Nor can the student switch to student 
  • employment after having worked as a regular employee during the same fiscal year. If a student employee accepts and begins a regular position, the student employee's employment must be terminated immediately. 
  • For Employment Law and Use of Sick Leave, the Student Employment Office adheres to the general CLU Employee Handbook on specific policies such as sick leave. For more comprehensive information on the use of sick leave, please review the most updated information on the Handbook & Policies section of the Human Resources Page. 

6.7 Bereavement Leave 

Under a new California law that went into effect on January 1st, 2023, all employees -- including student employees – are entitled to 5 days of bereavement leave. 

Unlike full-time employees, however, student employees are not entitled to paid bereavement leave (that is, it’s not paid). 

  • The 5 days need not be contiguous/consecutive, meaning the student can take several leaves for the same loss.
  • From Payroll: Students can use sick time if they have accrued enough hours.

Additional policies and procedures

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