Find part-time employment on campus

Student Employment Activity Timeline


Job descriptions should be updated for the upcoming Academic year hiring and submitted online at 


Students who have been offered a job must complete the required employment paperwork located at and visit the Student Employment Office to complete the Employment Verification Documents. 


At this time, supervisors may begin offering summer positions and/or positions for the next academic year. 


Fall/spring budgets close out and summer budgets begin. Note: Summer positions are reserved for current Cal Lutheran students who have attended at least one semester at CLU previously. Incoming transfer or first-year students are not eligible to work over the summer. If an incoming student is enrolled in classes for the summer term, they may work. 

June 1st: Hiring for the following academic year opens up. 


Hiring departments should post available positions on the Student Employment website. Students begin to look for employment for fall/spring around this time. 


Note: Students CANNOT begin working and will NOT receive a paycheck until all student employment paperwork has been processed and the Supervisor has received an e-mail authorization from the Student Employment Office stating that the student may begin working (see Section 4 for more information). Students who receive the authorization to work may begin their employment and should submit their hours worked every two weeks through their student portal. Supervisors must also keep track of the student's hours worked as they require Supervisor approval (see Section 6 for more information).